Recent Happenings

A lot has been happening around here at Alissa Bell Press. For one thing WE'VE MOVED. Out of our first studio and now into a house! Let me assure you, moving a letterpress is no easy feat. And I'll be very happy if we don't have to move it for a few more years at least. However, it was a very bittersweet farewell. This studio was our first in Los Angeles and I saw our business grow so much of the past two years. Here are some photos of our move, complete with our moving squad, funny faces, flat tire! We couldn't have done it with our Dad's help!

The new studio is coming together and we can't wait to show your photos once it's complete. For now, here one of my favorite features though might be these copper pipe hangers that hold our branded wrapping paper.

There are a lot of exciting new projects in the works as well. Here is a peek of a little of what we've been working on: this art deco style, emerald weddng suite was an absolute dream to create!

And so we bid adieu to one chapter as we open another! Here's to new horizons and new projects!

In the Studio: Business Cards Sneak Peak

Today we've got a sneak peak of some business cards for No Subject LA. And let us just say these ladies have style. We're pretty obsessed with he marble design and copper ink. It's hard to tell but the edges are also copper inked! These are currently in progress but we couldn't wait to snap a few photos to share with you all. Enjoy! 

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Studio Snapshots

Happy Monday friends! We hope you had a wonderful warm weekend.

Today, we're bring you a few behind-the-scenes snaps from the studio. First, we have a lovely outer envelope. Outer envelopes don't get nearly enough love, but we think your wedding guests will appreciate the delicate, lettepress printed return address. 


Here we have some beautiful business cards that include a blind impression and inked edges. Blind impressions are ink-less and add a wow factor to your business cards. Fun fact: our new business cards with our new branding incorporate a blind impression. It's stunning, we cannot wait to show you! These below are for Valentine Street Productions. They had a rad website, you should check it out!

Speaking of our new branding, here's a sneak peak of our shoot! 

And last, here is a shot of the packaging from some fancy paper we ordered from GF Smith for some journals for Create + Cultivate on Saturday! Reminds us of our branding, minimal and timeless!

Here's to a great week!


Studio Snapshots

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of printing some business cards for two talented creatives in the DTLA Art District. They took these beauties with them to the Sundance Film Festival.

We love business cards because often times the designs are simple, yet stunning. They're a great way to introduce your business to others.


We personally love the blind impression against black paper for DTLA Recording as well as the colored edges of Eileen's.


Hope you're all having a great Monday!