Introduction | Etiquette Series No. 001

When I set out to start this press shop, I romanticized the idea of keeping an old art alive— by creating a handmade product that would carry on traditions.  I was far from expert and had a lot to learn to meet my personal expectations.  I learned how to print. I immersed myself in design programs and sought out resources for proper etiquette.  

In the paper world, you’re often providing services for life events and occasions seeped in tradition.  As a stationer and printer, it’s my job to be an expert in this arena.

As a twentysomething, of course, my first inclination was to peruse the Internet for etiquette resources. I quickly found out two things.  One, the web gives you conflicting information. Two, people will bend etiquette rules in their favor.

I get it—it's 2015, not 1915.  Society is progressing rapidly, technology is ubiquitous, and our daily devotion to etiquette has faded. Passing down traditions has become lost in this era.

But, it's important to keep traditions alive, while being mindful of etiquette in our daily lives and at special occasions. And, It’s possible to follow etiquette and maintain a connection with the now. If we decide to break a rule, I’d like to know it and make an informed decision about the exception.  

We are starting an on-going etiquette series ranging from wedding invitations, dining etiquette, and how to tip the service professionals we encounter. Of course, we are not reinventing the wheel. We will source documents and books rather than the often untrustworthy Internet.

I hope you enjoy this and find reasons to apply some of these reminders and tips into your everyday life. If you think of any topics while you read that you’d be interested in learning more about, please send me a note!



All sketches were drawn by the ever talented Hanna Snyder