After much labor and love, our House Wedding Collection is now available in the shop! You'll see a few of our old favorites, mixed with a wide range of new designs we're thrilled to share with you.  Coming up on the blog, we'll be sharing the inspiration and creation process behind a few of the designs. For now, we hope you enjoy a peek into the collection! Click here to shop.

Photography by REN Concept

Outtake Love- Adios 2014

Here at Alissa Bell Press we primarily do custom work for our clients, but recently we've been working on a ready-to-order wedding line. Coming in early 2015 your favorite wedding invitation suites will be readily available for customization and purchase! In anticipation and preparation for the launch of our line, we've had the pleasure to work on many styled shoots of invitations and we've gotten some beautiful outtake images from them. A few fun things involved were laying a suite on a bed of ferns and using a magnifying glass to enlarge some of the detail. Letterpress is just so darn beautiful isn't it? Enjoy some of the outtakes for yourself below! 

We love working with Whitney B. Lucas on these shoots as well!

(Can you tell what the blind impression is on this last invitation? Keep an eye out for an upcoming post about the story behind this gorgeous suite and couple!).

As we say goodbye to 2014, we're so excited for what's coming up in 2015



Our New Shop Cart

You know the feeling of seeing months of work finally come to fruition? It is such a satisfying feeling.

Since moving into our new letterpress studio about a year ago, we've been dreaming up ways to make it both a functional and creative workspace. So we enlisted the help of two incredibly brilliant architects from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Matt Shara and Kory Worl. Over the course of working with them, they have transformed the way we think about the space. They even moved around furniture in the entry room, which has already made it feel more accessible yet private at the same time. How did they do that?

They also came up with a concept for the project, they fondly call:

the cloud | the machine

The cloud is the entry room where the business is run and ideas are thought up. The machine is, of course, the press room, where letterpress happens. Two independent yet connected spaces, reflecting the physical reality of the layout. 

Their creative process uses this concept to synthesize the existing space with the new program. Their process employs a holistic architectural understanding with the goal of both facilitating and improving the life and experiences of the users. We will elaborate more on them and their work as the project comes to life.

Today, we're here to introduce to you the first phase of the project: our new shop cart! The guys decided we needed it after they saw our makeshift cart: a stool with a slab of plywood on it, which was not very functional to say the least.

Here is a description of the cart in their own words: 

Click through to see their entire ISSUU proposal about it and be sure to check out their other ISSUUs that display their stunning artistry.

Click through to see their entire ISSUU proposal about it and be sure to check out their other ISSUUs that display their stunning artistry.

The body of the cart is comprised of both wooden and industrial metal elements, giving it a modern, yet cozy feel. It also has a pop of pink and fits beautifully into our space and our branding. Getting a new shiny toy is always fun. It breaths new life and excitement into the space and projects conducted within it. The cart helps optimize production by smoothing out movement between the different elements of letterpress. 

Here's Audra using the cart!

Here's Audra using the cart!

Needless to say, we're excited about the build out of the studio. Especially seeing how much the cart has improved the space, we're excited to see how the other phases of the project improve our experience in the studio and our letterpress production.