Intern Corner 002 | hanna


I'm Hanna and I have had the joy of being Alissa's Fall Intern. I am also a shameless coffee addict, love poetry, and have called LA my home for nearly four years.

Nice to meet you.

For my internship project, I decided to create a collection of journals. You can often find me with at least two journals in my bag at a time, for little (or big) thoughts, reading notes, or one of many lists. I loved the thought of creating something that was not just this useful, but could stir up the dreams and ideas within others.

Working on this project came during a season in my life where I felt quite lost, especially creatively. Coming into the studio and putting time into these little journals, whether cutting the paper or making hairline adjustments on the press, brought me back to feeling connected to my own design. NEW was aptly conceptualized from choosing to live inspired and challenged, as well as the excitement of the coming year. 

Once I had the initial designs down, I played with watercoloring the words and sketching out the playful borders. After a little editing in Illustrator, the plates were made and ready for the press.

One of my favorite parts of working on the project was photographing the final pieces. What brings me the most joy from design is getting to tell a story, whether it is mine or someone else's. So of course, I wanted to create a visual of how I hoped the journals would be used; as a part of someone's story. I rallied a few of my wonderful friends to draw and write inside the journals over coffee one morning, and how they came to life left me giddy.

They quickly poured out places to visit on our upcoming road trip, sketches for books they're illustrating, and to-do lists for launching their own companies. Also by using meaningful props from this year - poems that shaped me, and keys to my new home with a lovely roomie - I saw a bit of all our stories laid out on the table.

These journals are now up for sale in the Intern Corner under the shop tab. I hope they inspire you to explore, grow, or focus on whatever the new is in your story.