Year in Gratitude

It seems that each December, we all have the same reaction upon reflection of the year: so much has happened. Should it really be a surprise anymore? Sure, life is hectic, but we're constantly looking ahead - not always leaving the room to be grateful for, let alone process, each day. So at this end of year, let's change that. 

Last week I had the opportunity to gather other small business owners together, and created an activity to help us reflect on the past year - inside and outside of our work. I asked them to try and remember something significant from each month in 2015 - not necessarily positive, but important. We found that despite the seasons that were tough, those filled with joy and accomplishments (big and small), brought gratitude to the whole year.

A few highlights for me were moving into a new home, hiring my second full time employee, Hanna, and taking place as the first artist in residence at Kit & Ace, Pasadena. The list is available for you to download (make sure to print back to back!) and fill out on your own, or with friends and family. May it bring appreciation and gratitude for all of the life that 2015 has brought you.

Happy Holidays!

                                                                                                     (click image to download)

                                                                                                     (click image to download)

Outtake Love- Adios 2014

Here at Alissa Bell Press we primarily do custom work for our clients, but recently we've been working on a ready-to-order wedding line. Coming in early 2015 your favorite wedding invitation suites will be readily available for customization and purchase! In anticipation and preparation for the launch of our line, we've had the pleasure to work on many styled shoots of invitations and we've gotten some beautiful outtake images from them. A few fun things involved were laying a suite on a bed of ferns and using a magnifying glass to enlarge some of the detail. Letterpress is just so darn beautiful isn't it? Enjoy some of the outtakes for yourself below! 

We love working with Whitney B. Lucas on these shoots as well!

(Can you tell what the blind impression is on this last invitation? Keep an eye out for an upcoming post about the story behind this gorgeous suite and couple!).

As we say goodbye to 2014, we're so excited for what's coming up in 2015