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Hello! My name is Carina, and I've had the pleasure of being Alissa's Fall intern this year. I was first drawn to Alissa's brand when I learned about her appearance at Kit + Ace, a store in my hometown of Pasadena. I got to meet Alissa at a Pasadena artists' event, applied, and here I am already at the end of my internship! I have been making my own stationery for years, and have fallen in love with simple, quality design. Looking at Alissa's work, I knew I could learn a lot about utilizing the right materials and producing clean designs. During the course of this internship, I've learned so much about how to find inspiration, bring abstract ideas to fruition, and the mechanics of running a business. 

One of the things that drew me to the Alissa Bell Press Internship was the "Intern Project." The project this season entailed designing and printing business cards. I started by designing the card in Illustrator: picking a size and font that conveyed simplicity with an artistic edge. I then moved on to cutting the paper to the right size (I used muscles I didn't know I had), and was excited to print. Using a letterpress isn't easy! Mistakes were made, but once I found a rhythm, I was able to print over 100 cards. 

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I decided to stay simple: the front of the card is printed with my initials, the back with my contact information. I wanted this card to be very practical and professional – a simple, quality card that quickly conveys my taste and personality. I also wanted the card to leave a lasting impression as well; the texture of the paper and the grooves created by the pressed letters are not readily apparent, but they show thought and care. I'm so proud of these and love handing them out!