Paper Stories | Natalie Warne

Business cards make up quite a lot of our work, and as small a thing as they are, no two ever feel alike. It's always an exciting task to find the right design and materials to express each person, but there's no doubt we have our favorites. So far this year, it's Natalie Warne's. We chatted with Natalie to get her point of view on the process, and the importance of a great card:


Natalie says she wanted her cards to represent sophistication, creativity, and diversity - an embodiment of who she is. Working within a wide range of groups, she wanted to appeal to both the young, driven start up community as well as to the crowd that attends research based events. Her business cards needed to make a serious statement about her work ethic, while still feeling approachable. 

Natalie mainly works as a film and event producer, in addition to being a public speaker to young people. In describing both, she says, "if there was one word, it would be connected". Her whole job is traveling, engaging with people, and staying in touch - an environment where a memorable impression is important. She wants someone to remember the feeling, color, weight, and unique look of her card. "I think it's really worth it to invest in quality business cards, hoping that a lasting relationship will come out of it...the idea is that it will further invest in you" And the reactions since? So far, so great.

Both Alissa and Jenn Welsh, Natalie's good friend and our project manager, worked on Natalie's design. She praised Jenn's ability to take all color and type ideas she loved, along with her aesthetic and personality, and focus it into one design. Alissa then came in to translate their creation into reality. She challenged them to push the envelope on her design; using a unique card size and ink color. She says the process was fluid, and the team, great. Even in the production process, Natalie appreciated the attention to detail shown. "The customer service aspect was great. Alissa emailed me immediately to keep me updated, delivered them to my house, and the end packaging was so beautiful."

We love to do what we do because each project is a personal expression of our client. Working with Natalie was certainly a wonderful example of that exciting experience we're so grateful for.

See more details about her project here!







In the Studio | This Week's Projects

Our press has seen a lot of action this last week! We've been working on a variety of projects, all that we are so excited to see materialize. Here's a look!

Above are a limited edition Valentine's print made for Apolis, designed by Drew Melton, and wedding invitations for Darcy and Ryan! This suite has been such a uniquely fun design to work on and see come to life! Below are business cards for our friends at RVCC, and a bridal shower invitation for Alissa's friend Carol. We especially loved printing in this soft, succulent green color.

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!

Color Inspiration | No. 005

Shades of mauve and blush have long been a favorite of our's - in everything from lipstick to wrapping paper. To have it grace the presence of our press lately has been dreamy to say the least.

dipped cards edit.png

Above are two recent business cards we've worked on - one, ecru cards with mauve ink, the other, a brilliant white card dipped in rosey pink watercolor. We're certainly hoping to keep seeing these hues more often.