Valentine's Giveaway | A Collaboration with Drew Melton

This week we had the fun of having an Instagram giveaway with this piece we collaborated with Drew Melton on! The limited edition Valentine's art print, designed by Drew and printed by us, was made to be sold at Apolis. All but one were sold, and the last remaining print is now going to our winner, Sean O'Connor! Congratulations - we hope someone you love enjoys it!

                                           Illustration by Drew Melton

                                           Illustration by Drew Melton


In the Studio | This Week's Projects

Our press has seen a lot of action this last week! We've been working on a variety of projects, all that we are so excited to see materialize. Here's a look!

Above are a limited edition Valentine's print made for Apolis, designed by Drew Melton, and wedding invitations for Darcy and Ryan! This suite has been such a uniquely fun design to work on and see come to life! Below are business cards for our friends at RVCC, and a bridal shower invitation for Alissa's friend Carol. We especially loved printing in this soft, succulent green color.

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!