Studio Snapshots | Patrick Phegley

Recently we had the joy of working with Patrick Phegley to create hang tags for his new clothing line, and they're about as sleek as it gets! It's always so exciting to watch a company's branding come together in the studio - from the press to final cuts. But nothing compares to how amazing it is to see them come to life out in the world! Take a look:

Patrick chose to use 680g/m² Sirio Ultra Black paper with white foil printing. This paper is quite wonderfully thick as is, but to further elevate the tags, he decided to triple-ply them for a final weight of 2,040g/m².

This snazzy device is the tool Patrick uses to ply the layers of paper together and simultaneously insert the string.  

We particularly love the colors used in his collection!

All of the care put into these tags made for such a gorgeous result. We hope you enjoyed a look at this project and are having a wonderful week!

Photos courtesy of Patrick Phegley, thanks for sharing! You can also view more photos of his process here.