Since November, we've been grateful to be the artist in residence at Kit and Ace Pasadena. Running our studio within their lovely store has allowed many people to see letterpress printing live - something quite rare that we've so enjoyed sharing. It's also given us the fun opportunity to collaborate on projects with them, and we'd love to give you a look:

The top row shows a map of the Arts District we created for Kit and Ace's downtown pop up shop. They wanted to have a resource to (along with other Arts District stores) hand out showing all of the nearby shops and restaurants to visit. Alissa drew the map herself, as well as the fun icons of landmarks in the area! The bottom photos are of gift cards we made for an opening party of Kit and Ace's El Segundo shop. As a thank you for visiting, they gave away the cards worth a paddle boarding lesson. 

For both of these projects and our time in Pasadena, we're so thankful! Much love to you, Kit and Ace.