Since November, we've been grateful to be the artist in residence at Kit and Ace Pasadena. Running our studio within their lovely store has allowed many people to see letterpress printing live - something quite rare that we've so enjoyed sharing. It's also given us the fun opportunity to collaborate on projects with them, and we'd love to give you a look:

The top row shows a map of the Arts District we created for Kit and Ace's downtown pop up shop. They wanted to have a resource to (along with other Arts District stores) hand out showing all of the nearby shops and restaurants to visit. Alissa drew the map herself, as well as the fun icons of landmarks in the area! The bottom photos are of gift cards we made for an opening party of Kit and Ace's El Segundo shop. As a thank you for visiting, they gave away the cards worth a paddle boarding lesson. 

For both of these projects and our time in Pasadena, we're so thankful! Much love to you, Kit and Ace.

Paper Stories | Natalie Warne

Business cards make up quite a lot of our work, and as small a thing as they are, no two ever feel alike. It's always an exciting task to find the right design and materials to express each person, but there's no doubt we have our favorites. So far this year, it's Natalie Warne's. We chatted with Natalie to get her point of view on the process, and the importance of a great card:


Natalie says she wanted her cards to represent sophistication, creativity, and diversity - an embodiment of who she is. Working within a wide range of groups, she wanted to appeal to both the young, driven start up community as well as to the crowd that attends research based events. Her business cards needed to make a serious statement about her work ethic, while still feeling approachable. 

Natalie mainly works as a film and event producer, in addition to being a public speaker to young people. In describing both, she says, "if there was one word, it would be connected". Her whole job is traveling, engaging with people, and staying in touch - an environment where a memorable impression is important. She wants someone to remember the feeling, color, weight, and unique look of her card. "I think it's really worth it to invest in quality business cards, hoping that a lasting relationship will come out of it...the idea is that it will further invest in you" And the reactions since? So far, so great.

Both Alissa and Jenn Welsh, Natalie's good friend and our project manager, worked on Natalie's design. She praised Jenn's ability to take all color and type ideas she loved, along with her aesthetic and personality, and focus it into one design. Alissa then came in to translate their creation into reality. She challenged them to push the envelope on her design; using a unique card size and ink color. She says the process was fluid, and the team, great. Even in the production process, Natalie appreciated the attention to detail shown. "The customer service aspect was great. Alissa emailed me immediately to keep me updated, delivered them to my house, and the end packaging was so beautiful."

We love to do what we do because each project is a personal expression of our client. Working with Natalie was certainly a wonderful example of that exciting experience we're so grateful for.

See more details about her project here!







Paper Stories | Picnic LA

This fall, we had the pleasure of printing stationery for a new Culver City restaurant, Picnic LA. The project really stuck out to us, not just as a fun challenge, but for it's clean, striking design. So, we asked graphic designer, Jessica Booth, who created Picnic LA's branding, to tell us more about the project from her perspective:

As a designer, what was your hope for the final use of the notecards?

JB: "Picnic LA wanted the notecards to feel luxurious and special. Although the design of the cards allows them to be used for business correspondence, they would most likely be reserved for guests, included in gifts baskets, catering & dinner party orders, etc. I knew the soft rag of the stock and the beautiful impressions from the letterpress would communicate to all recipients that this meal is no ordinary picnic."

The gingham logo was a challenging but fun piece for us to execute due to the tight registration of the two colors, and mixing the transparent color just right. Why did you choose this specific pattern and colors for Picnic LA?

JB: "We were interested in exploring a gingham pattern for Picnic LA’s brand identity because of the immediate and iconic association gingham fabric has with picnicking. However, I believed red gingham, though more common, to feel too casual for the high quality ingredients and cuisine offered at Picnic LA. We felt that the navy gingham was a more upscale color story. Picnic LA’s offerings are more like fine dining in a casual setting. It’s a picnic made by a gourmet chef, not your Mom! (sorry Mom!) The classic navy and light, bluish gray gingham along with the antique gold logotype hopefully help elevate each guest’s expectations for the carefully crafted meal they are about to unwrap and enjoy."

You have quite a background in designing for hospitality, what about this industry are you drawn to?

JB: "I do a lot of hospitality and restaurant design work and find it to be very satisfying for many reasons, the most obvious being that I love to eat good food! But creatively speaking, I also enjoy the challenge of establishing the look and feel of a brand, particularly from the beginning. The hospitality industry allows me to explore a multitude of design disciplines all in one project/client and usually from inception. Although each project may require similar deliverables such as brand identities, packaging, menu ordering systems, etc, each client is unique and has their own challenges and obstacles. Each hospitality project is rich with specific inspiration and has a particular experience and feeling."

Have you eaten at Picnic LA yet? What’s your favorite thing on the menu?

JB: "I have! It’s so hard to pick a favorite dish! First of all, the entrees and salads are constantly changing, so you can find something new to try everytime you go. But if I had to pick, I’d say the Key Lime Pie Bar was my go to. One of the ingredients in the Key Lime Pie Bar is sour cream, which may sound unusual, but gives it a savory and rich quality that is irresistible! It’s not too sweet and has the perfect ratio of topping to crust. Just talking about it makes me want one!"