What Makes a Wedding Invitation | Etiquette Series No. 005

Today, wedding invitations come in so many different mediums (paper or not). While we celebrate all the new variations in design, we love holding onto our invitation roots. There's a beauty to which the traditional suite unfolds and complements each other, piece by piece. However, we know it can be a little daunting for many engaged couples and families to know all that they will need and want in their wedding invitation. So, we've pooled our knowledge for a simple guide on what makes a wedding invitation - from the content it should hold, to common sizes for each piece. We hope you enjoy, and learn a little something new! 

Wedding Invitation Timeline | Etiquette Series No. 002

When to Order, Assemble And Mail Your Invitations

As printers and stationers, it is perfect for us to start our etiquette about wedding stationery. Embedded within wedding stationery are many traditions and suggestions for how to properly inform your guests so they can enjoy your wedding. 

Why does the timing of the arrival of your invitations matter? As a courtesy to your guests you want to provide them with all the pertinent information and give them plenty of time to plan and prepare to attend your wedding. Furthermore, it's important to give yourself the time and space to allow your invitations to be well thought out and meaningful. You want them to express the style and feel of your wedding and to evoke excitement in your guests.  

Wedding planning requires it’s own strict timeline, so how do you even fit an invitation timeline within that? Where do you start? How far in advanced should you start thinking about invitations? How much time should you allocate to each task? These are all questions we hope to answer in this post. We created a chart focusing on the major milestones to simplify the wedding invitation process as much as possible. 

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We turned to Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette written by Anna and Lizzie Post to verify our findings. A key tip that we found was to count backwards from the date of your wedding. Anna and Lizzie recommend mailing invitations 8 weeks before your wedding,  but here at Alissa Bell Press we suggest mailing your invitations about 8-10 weeks before the wedding if you’re having a local wedding and 10-12 weeks before if it's a destination wedding. Allow 1-2 weeks to address and assemble your invitations. If you’re having a calligrapher,  get the envelopes to them ahead of time, usually about 2-3 before you plan to assemble them. At Alissa Bell Press we can facilitate the envelope coordination with calligraphers to streamline the invitation process even further. 

Another key step is placing your invitation order on time. Anna and Lizzie recommend that once you choose a stationer, be sure you know how long their production process is. They say that if you're using traditional engraving, allow 2-3 months, but it all depends on the type of printing you choose. Maybe your choice of stationer will even depend on the how long you have to get your invitations out. Here at Alissa Bell Press, our process takes a minimum of 7 weeks, with about 3 of those being production weeks. If you order through our Read to Order collection online, it only takes 3-4 weeks! 

We hope that this has clarified the wedding invitation process a little bit more. Stay tuned as we tackle some more etiquette questions surrounding this topic!