Recent Happenings

A lot has been happening around here at Alissa Bell Press. For one thing WE'VE MOVED. Out of our first studio and now into a house! Let me assure you, moving a letterpress is no easy feat. And I'll be very happy if we don't have to move it for a few more years at least. However, it was a very bittersweet farewell. This studio was our first in Los Angeles and I saw our business grow so much of the past two years. Here are some photos of our move, complete with our moving squad, funny faces, flat tire! We couldn't have done it with our Dad's help!

The new studio is coming together and we can't wait to show your photos once it's complete. For now, here one of my favorite features though might be these copper pipe hangers that hold our branded wrapping paper.

There are a lot of exciting new projects in the works as well. Here is a peek of a little of what we've been working on: this art deco style, emerald weddng suite was an absolute dream to create!

And so we bid adieu to one chapter as we open another! Here's to new horizons and new projects!