Studio Snapshots

Happy Monday friends! We hope you had a wonderful warm weekend.

Today, we're bring you a few behind-the-scenes snaps from the studio. First, we have a lovely outer envelope. Outer envelopes don't get nearly enough love, but we think your wedding guests will appreciate the delicate, lettepress printed return address. 


Here we have some beautiful business cards that include a blind impression and inked edges. Blind impressions are ink-less and add a wow factor to your business cards. Fun fact: our new business cards with our new branding incorporate a blind impression. It's stunning, we cannot wait to show you! These below are for Valentine Street Productions. They had a rad website, you should check it out!

Speaking of our new branding, here's a sneak peak of our shoot! 

And last, here is a shot of the packaging from some fancy paper we ordered from GF Smith for some journals for Create + Cultivate on Saturday! Reminds us of our branding, minimal and timeless!

Here's to a great week!