Refinery 29 Feature

We love Refinery 29 for its sometimes silly, sometimes serious, but always stylish posts. So, to say that we were excited to be featured on their site for the first time is an understatement. This shoot was recently featured on 100LayerCake and we've blogged about it on here, but we're not at all disappointed that this stunning shoot is getting another chance to shine.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 10.33.01 AM.png

The suite featured is what we fondly call the Niko and it will soon be available to order on our site. It will be available in multiple ink colors and will also feature a beautiful grey enclosure that has your wedding date letterpress printed in Roman numerals. It doesn't get more elegant than that! So all you future brides or friends of future brides spread the word!

Click here to see more of the Refinery 29 feature and read what they had to say about it.